Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Working For Fools

From:  Store Manager
To:  Store Management (all)
Sep 5
Subject:  Nightly Deposits

Good morning,

Effective immediately per Regional Manager, all deposits must be brought to the bank first thing in the morning instead of being dropped off at night. You are to bring the deposit inside the bank and have it counted in front of you.

If any error if found with the deposit, you are to email (Department) and cc Regional Manager and myself immediately.

Going forward, starting tomorrow the opening manager/supervisor is to now come in 15 minutes earlier than they are scheduled so they have time to take the deposit to the bank and return to open the store on time. So for example: Normally, you are scheduled at 8:30am….you will now be scheduled to come in at 8:15am

Secondly, starting today, associates will now be assigned to a register. They are to only ring on the register they are assigned. Managers/Supervisors will ring on the same register.

Because of this, all three registers must now be open everyday.

Any overage or shortage of $5.00 or more on a register will result in the associates assigned to that register to receive disciplinary action.

If you have any questions, please feel free to see me!

From: Store Manager
To: Assistant Store Manager
Sep 5
Subject:  RE: Registers

Why did you open all three registers?  You shouldn't ahve clocked in early either.

From:  Assistant Manager
To: Store Manager
Sep 5
Subject:  FWD: Nightly Deposits

You told me to, per your email this morning.

From:  Store Manager
To:  Assistant Store Manager
Sep 5
Subject:  RE: FWD: Nightly Deposits

Oh, I talked to Regional Manager.  We're not going to do that.

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