Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't let it look nasty!

From:  Store Manager

Good day everyone,

Just wanted to send out a weekly update.

First, the sale has officially ended. We did not do as well as I would like. We did not beat last year’s sales, but we did make up ground the last two weeks.

Next, I came in today and the break area was a disaster…people left their soda containers, bottled waters containers and someone even left their Chipotle bag and wrapper inside. This is just disgusting! If this continues, I will be not only write up the associate who left their garbage, but also the closing supervisor. Have pride in the store!

Every night, we need to mop the entire sales floor whenever there is snow or rain on the ground. It gets tracked into the store and makes the floors look nasty.

Let’s continue to focus on sales and customer service. It HAS to be our #1 priority!

Thank you for everything and let’s keep pushing!!


((This, from the same man who leaves Dunkin Donuts cups of coffee of varying vintage littered all over the office. And had a coffee spill for three weeks under his chair.))

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