Saturday, July 6, 2013

In response to a forum post

The forum post:  He's not scary because he comes from the Bronx. He's scary because he's one of those dudes that only wears a trenchcoat and gropes people on crowded trains. 

The dude's response:

Was the sort of nasty lie, said so casually, yet so viciously, that makes me wonder what happened in your life to make your Soul become so oriented towards trying to offend others, when there is so
much goodness which you instead could aspire towards. I really pity you for your feeling that you have to play to the lowest instincts the way that you did in your post. You ought to apologize to me
and to everyone who read your crap! You obviously know nothing about me, if you can believe the nonsense that your hate fevered brain dreamed up.

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