Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reply to forum post

From:  BritishChick
To: Lady_USA

This may be one of the weirdest messages you've ever
> got through FORUM, so feel free to ignore it..
> I just lurk at FORUM and read the thread you started a
> few months ago. At the time I quite liked
> lesbians...but since being screwed over by one last
> week i'm hating at the moment. WTF can't they decide
> what they want? I remembered the thread and how you
> seem relatively cool and normal (as much as one can
> tell over the internet!) and thought i'd just let
> you know you are not alone in having such 
> sentiments! 
> (Brief bio - not in USA area, in fact in
> England)
> British chick x

From:  Lady_USA
To: BritishChick

Thanks, however I actually AM a lesbian.  I can
understand how you might hate lesbians, or feel angry
in regards to lesbians, but maybe you should lurk a
bit more?  I really am quite queer.

Thanks, though!

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